About Us

Intchess Asia has been the premier Chess academy in Singapore for over 20 years. Intchess Asia was conceived by our pioneer leaders notably Mr. Ignatius Leong in 1998 before officially registering Intchess Asia Pte Ltd in 2002. Our trainers have been involved in many countries and our core team has about 10 years’ worth of experience in delivering chess training with international involvement. 

We have produced top teams and players at schools, national and international levels. While mentoring and grooming top talent in Chess with our team, we have a strong emphasis on character development that makes us the preferred Chess academy for MOE and international Schools in Singapore.

We have worked on interesting projects on various Enrichment Programs e.g. Math & Chess Program, Logic & Chess, Programming Chess, and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Chess enrichment programs for schools. By being an active participant and service provider, the value of Chess is seen and appreciated beyond the traditional frameworks, such as Chess in education and enabling the use of technology and introducing computational thinking to students.

This transitions us into a cross-disciplinary domain where we are supported by modern disciplines such as complexity science. This greatly adds value to our work as it benefits students and society in various dimensions.

Our Services

● We offer Courses conducted by qualified trainers with a syllabus recognized by FIDE (World Chess Federation) with a Certificate of Achievement.

● Qualified professional Chess trainers from China, Vietnam, Singapore, Uzbekistan, and others to meet your Chess training needs.

● We have trainers who are GMs (GrandMaster), IMs (International Master), FMs (FIDE Master), and NMs (National Master), FIDE Senior Trainers (FST), FIDE Trainers (FT) FIDE National Instructors (NI) and FIDE Developmental Instructors (DI)

● Training specially tailored to meet your aspirations and to cater to all ages and demographics, with emphasis on Children.            

● Schools, Clubs, groups, and individual training can be specially arranged.

● We have experience in organizing both local and international events. We have in our service a good renowned professional International Organiser (Chess).

● Sales of Chess equipment such as Chess sets, clocks (analog and digital), record books, and all training aids and accessories.

● We pride ourselves as a “One Stop Shop” for all your CHESS needs.

● Consult us if you need promotional souvenirs, gifts and pamphlets, Challenge cups, and trophies (prizes) for your events and competitions.

Our Goals

In line with FIDE (World Chess Federation), we strongly believe on the benefits of Chess can bring to the world. Education, character development, building a better community, and vibrancy in our lives. As an organization, we have enhanced the value of Chess beyond the importance of material acheivement to meet our Current world demands. While our introuction and use and use of technology from is essential to human material progress, we beleive that the core human values such as compassion, resilience, empathy and sportsmanship is a prority for us to instill in our students to contribute to a progressive society.